I’m Rosanna! It’s a pleasure to meet you!


Fun Facts

- I love both Backstreet Boys and 'NSYNC equally.

- I've tried EVERY Limited Edition Oreo that has been made.

- I enjoy drinking whiskey and wine. (Never together!)

- I cannot confirm or deny almost setting my kitchen on fire by burning some bacon.

- My personality type is ENFJ and my enneagram is 2 with balanced wings.

- Dipping waffle fries in an Ice Dream is a Chick-Fil-A must.

- I would totally fangirl if I ran into Chip & Joanna Gaines.

- Roses, orchids, and peonies are my favorite flowers, especially if I keep them alive.

- My orders at Starbucks are complicated (it’s a little embarrassing).

- Quality time and words of affirmation are my love languages.

Who Am I?

I am a people-centered lifestyle photographer located in the north Atlanta Metro Area. I specialize in Family Photography, Birth Photography, and Wedding Photography. I found it my purpose to elevate, impact and strengthen families' love stories through my photographs and serve clients with a joyful and meaningful portrait experience.

My Why. My Credo.


Family Over Everything. This inspires me to capture raw emotion within any family I photograph. This inspires me to do be the best I can be for my family. This is what I believe. This is what I try to practice every day.

Whether it’s a girl and her dog or a couple getting married or even a family of 29, I truly enjoy photographing a range of families in natural light and bright environments.

Rosanna Penaflorida Family.jpg

I’m blessed that I can focus on my passion for photography for my family & clients and still do meaningful work.

A Little History

When I was about six years old, my parents got me a red film camera that I couldn't wait to play with. Since then, I had a fascination with photography. 

After some life altering events as a preteen, I didn't want to take any moments for granted. I wanted to take as many photos as possible and share them! I participated, entered and won several photography contests throughout my school days. 

Every Session Goes a Long Way

I grew up an only girl with three other siblings. My youngest brother, Carlo, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was an infant. Til this day, I cannot fathom what was going through my parents’ mind when they first got the news. I’m sure there was a lot of uncertainty but I’m sure there was more hope and faith that a little miracle would happen.

Rosanna and Carlo 2.jpeg

And that there was… every day Carlo has is a little miracle in itself. Every breath and every smile still continues to be tiny miracles my family is so thankful for and is never taken for granted.

As a young child, I remember my parents saying that I should become a doctor (as most Asian parents say) so I could find a cure for my brother. Clearly, that plan didn’t pan out as they wished but maybe I could help find a cure my own way.

Rosanna and Carlo.jpeg

Every photography session I take, I will donate a portion to finding a cure for cerebral palsy through the non-profit Cure CP. Each picture I take is one step closer for someone to have a better life while living with cerebral palsy. By booking a session with me, we can make a difference.



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