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[Why Do I Love Labor Photography?]

Since I was a child, I always had a fascination with photography. How to process the film, what life looks like through a viewfinder, and most importantly, how to freeze time in a matter of a second. Now, as a believer in God, I believe that He has blessed us with a magnificent world. The trees that sway. The air we breathe. The water that runs through the mountains down to the ocean. The sun that provides light, energy, and warmth. All these simple, wonderful things (which we may sometimes take for granted) and much more, I believe we are blessed with every day.

As a teenager, I loved capturing landscapes and sunsets. Being present in the moment, I would remember the feeling of serenity, tranquility, and a lot of the times, those would be my mental conversations with God. In those special instances, I would just sit and listen to what He had to tell me.

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I continued to learn and develop my craft as a photographer over the years. Then realized that I can bless and gift others by capturing special moments with people, especially families. To capture the real, raw emotion.

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“A picture is a reminder of limitless emotion.”

The moment hit me when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I knew that I wanted to capture the entire event. Her birth story. The birth of my husband becoming a father. The moment of myself becoming a mother. The moment of hearing her cry. The moment of her first embrace. The moment I caught her from pushing in the water. The moment I put her on my chest.

Due to situations out of my control, I was unable to get those moments from a professional photographer, which I have accepted and was okay with.

But what if I could provide a family with capturing that joy of welcoming a new addition? What if I can capture those raw emotions and stop time for just a brief second? The feeling of relief that “my child is here!” The feeling of “Wow! I did this.” The feeling of thanking God. The feeling of my wife and child are safe. The feeling of undeniable love. The feeling of unconditional love.

I know it may be cliche to say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and that may be true to most. I believe that a picture is a reminder of limitless emotion. (If no one has said it now, I am coining it!) Whatever that feeling is, I don’t ever want it to be forgotten. Because it’s those moments that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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As a lifestyle photographer, labor and delivery can be a very intimate and special time for a mother. I understand that labor is difficult and challenging. To some, it may be downright too much to bear seeing something so graphic. And it may not even go according to your plan. It may be too painful. But this is the beginning of a child’s life on Earth. Isn't that a moment worth taking? Wouldn't it be nice to look back and remember the feeling you had when you welcomed the gift of life? The feeling of becoming a family, no matter how big or small?

Whatever your birth plan may be, whether you believe in miracles or not, believe in the overwhelming, beautiful feeling that is worth capturing.

Many Blessings,



If you didn't have a chance to have labor photos, it's not too late to capture special moments with your family. Life is too short to not have any lasting memories. Click here to inquire about family lifestyle shoots!