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[ When to Book Your Newborn Session ]

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As a lifestyle photographer in the Atlanta area, I am fortunate to focus on the raw, emotional connection between parents (and sometimes siblings) with their newborn whenever I have a newborn or Fresh 48 session. I fall in love with each baby and family EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. There have been moments where I am unable to photograph every family because I am fully booked! Here are some insider tips to secure your newborn session with me.

When to photograph your session

Newborns are best to photograph before they are two weeks old. This is because they are still curled up and comfortable in fetal-like positions. Once they are older than two weeks, they start stretching, are more alert, and prefer not to be in curled up as much. And let’s be honest, their features (especially their facial expressions) start to change! There have been certain situations that can prevent the two week timeframe like a late delivery, jaundice, etc., which I am able to work around that for my families.

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When to book your newborn shoot

Mothers usually book sessions with me during their second trimester, beginning of the third trimester. I secure your session with a deposit and as soon as your little bundle of joy arrives, I can provide my available dates and times during that 2-week timeframe.

Newborns aren’t newborns forever. Before you know it, they will start to babble. Then the babbling turns into talking. Then the talking turns into walking. Then the walking turns into walking to grab their high school diploma. Capture these moments so you can treasure them forever.

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My mission is to focus on families, big or small, at special milestones or even during daily life. I love to serve and capture my clients families’ love stories through my photographs. It makes every session a joyful and meaningful experience.
— Rosanna